The Inner Circle Youth (ICY™) is an entrepreneurial and leadership development model that helps at-risk youth build community and cultural values, set lifelong and positive goals, and break social, educational, and economic barriers to develop end-dependence.

As a learning model, ICY™ guides the development and administration of all WLCAC programs involving youth and/or education. WLCAC Operates several funded programs which provide services for local youth and families:

The Greater Watts Child Care Center (GWCCC)

Provides one of the only infant care programs in the community, a community where over 48.1% of the families are female-headed, single parent families. GWCCC uses a sliding pay scale, based on a family's total income, to determine the amount each family pays for GWCCC's child care and development services. GWCCC's program consists of educational, recreational, and cultural enrichment activities, parenting classes, and family management workshops.

Family Source Center (FSC)

FSC’s mission is to promote community wellness and individual and community self-sufficiency by providing opportunities for entire families (children, youth, and adults) to access essential social services (child care, after-school programs, health services, educational workshops, job training, family management, counseling, and intensive case management) while, at the same time, playing an intricate part in assisting other families like themselves to access these services.

Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD)

This program provides youth, with a positive alternative to at-risk and destructive behavior. This program, funded by the City of Los Angeles, combine youth and parent leadership training to create a comprehensive violence, crime, substance abuse, dropout, absenteeism, low academic and vocational achievement prevention program.